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A unique program for people with special needs that aims to assist them in finding and keeping suitable occupations, as well as giving training to encourage advancement to higher positions. Hillcrest Health invites any person with disabilities of any age group, including working-age students, to attend this program. Assist Access/Maintain Employment offerings include assistance with career counseling and guidance, which can help people explore their passions while determining the ideal professional route for them.

Above all, it assists NDIS participant in recognizing and overcoming hurdles to work. Hillcrest Health also trains individuals how to make the transition from ADE to open work. This center for people with disabilities also teaches them how to help others.

Above all, it aids participants in recognizing their impediments to work and assisting them in finding long-term employment. Hillcrest Health also instructs participants on how to go from supported employment (ADE) to open employment.

NDIS Assist Access / Maintain Employment Perth: Find the ideal job, become self-sufficient, and feel more valued!

Getting your first job is amongst the best feelings in the world. At Hillcrest Health, we provide Assist Access / Maintain Employment services to ensure that you are able to get, retain and perform at a job. We work closely with you to make sure you are getting the job that aligns with your goals and is right for you. Finding and retaining a job can build self-confidence, add to independence goals and give a sense of belonging to the community.

With the National Disability Insurance Scheme Employment Assistance, participants can avail access to a plethora of new employment supports. These supports offer more choices to where you want to work and the type of support or help you will need to achieve your goals.

What Assist Access / Maintain Employment Services Can Hillcrest Health Provide?

The Assist Access / Maintain Employment support service is tailored to the participant‘s specific employment objectives. To fully understand a participant‘s support needs, work experience in an inclusive workplace would be provided.

We’ll provide individualized NDIS assistance to assist your loved ones in making the transition from school to work, collaborating with their families and caregivers to achieve the participant‘s objectives.

Depending upon your individual situations, access to suitable employment is part of your NDIS plan. Hillcrest Health Australia’s Assist Access / Maintain Employment is designed to help participants find jobs, get promoted to better jobs, improve their workplace skills and more.

If you cannot access a Disability Employment Services (DES), Hillcrest Health can help you achieve your employment goals.

Assist Access / Maintain Employment

Why Choose Hillcrest Health for Assist Access / Maintain Employment Perth Support?

Hillcrest Health has a team of caring and skilled employees who will look after your Assist Access / Maintain Employment support needs. When people with disabilities need a little more help finding a job, keeping a job, or leaving a job, we can help.

We also make sure that our patients are stress-free during the job search and recruitment process, and we assist them in whatever way they need. Our caregivers do everything they can to help you get the career of your dreams, from locating possible employers to conducting in-home interviews.

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Areas We Serve for NDIS Assist Access / Maintain Employment Support

We offer Assist Access / Maintain Employment Support services in Perth Metropolitan Areas & WA. Areas we serve including: