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Many individuals may consider travel alternatives to be simple and clear, but when you live with a disability, moving from place to place can be a major difficulty. People with disabilities may face numerous barriers to mobility, including the capacity to acquire and access private or public transportation.

Hillcrest Health provides travel and transport services to people who need help getting around. Our Perth Assist Travel /Transport support is designed for participants who cannot use public transport due to their disability.

Our NDIS transport assistance support workers are highly qualified with valid driver’s license and police background checks. This service includes travel arrangements made with personal or public transport systems for the participant to attend their school, educational facility, employment, appointments or community events. We provide safe and convenient transport services to help you in your journey.  We make your mobility easier and much safer for you.

How Can Assist Travel / transport Perth Services Help Someone With a Disability?

Mobility may be one of your many challenges if you live with a disability. Although transportation is required to live a normal life, personal circumstances may limit your or a loved one’s capacity to drive or use public transportation. You may also find that other modes of transportation, such as taxis, are unavailable to you. When it comes to getting around, going to appointments, getting to and from work or school, traveling, shopping, or visiting friends and family, this can result in considerable limits.

Lack of independence due to personal circumstances is one of the most difficult issues that persons with disabilities encounter. With the transport assistance services, you can achieve a new degree of independence, allowing you to actively participate in your community, social circles, and personal activities.

Why Choose Hillcrest Health for Assist Transport / Travel Services?

Hillcrest Health is a Perth Registered NDIS Provider, we provide full-service support, and our support workers are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives. That means we keep these in mind while planning your transportation and travel options, and we won’t stop until you arrive safely.

Assist Travel / Transport

What Assist Travel / Transport Services Can Hillcrest Health Provide?

Taking public transportation to and from appointments, work, or to see family and friends can be difficult at times. Our transportation assistance includes assisting participants in developing their ability to travel independently.

Hillcrest Health professionals can boost a participant‘s independence through public transportation training by assisting them in learning bus/train routes and timetables. Our goal is to make your public transportation journey as simple and enjoyable as possible, so you can enjoy your time out in the community.

When a member is unable to travel alone, an NDIS plan may incorporate the use of taxis or other private transportation choices. Hillcrest Health has a wheelchair-accessible van for those who are unable to use public transportation.

We may take you to your appointment or other locations in the community and then return with you. We offer a handy assist travel / transport Perth services that can be planned ahead of time and can carry you to:

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