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NDIS Positive Behaviour Support in Perth WA

Positive Behaviour Support is a person-centred approach, focussed on supporting people with a disability who display behaviours of concern. We believe that all behaviour is a form of communication that can tell us important things about the quality of a person’s life. We believe that people we support have the right to have their behaviour recognised and responded to in a respectful, positive, person centred and professional way.

Our experience

We are highly experienced in supporting people who display behaviours of concern. We have lots of expertise in understanding why people might behave in a way that causes concern, and we only ever work in positive, non-judgemental ways to help you. We work with functional assessments, which is a way of us working on evidence to help us understand what is happening for you. We then tailor our support plans, focussing on communication, consistency, support and reward. We promote positive social interactions, meaningful activity and choice for everyone we support. Our specialist lead in PBS is also UK trained in Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) and has a wealth of experience in psychosocial and learning disabilities. She has worked extensively with lots of people who need specialist support and is skilled at undertaking and implementing functional assessments in order to determine how to best provide support.

Implementing Behaviour Support Plans

Practice leadership, particularly modelling, coaching, observation and feedback, has an important role to play in effective implementation, ensuring consistent support, increasing skills and confidence.  We always work in liaison with other professionals (Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Doctors) and our staff teams work collaboratively so that strategies are implemented and reviewed effectively. We aim to work in the least restrictive way possible, adhering to the NDIS framework. 

Proactive strategies:

This might include:

  • making the day more understandable for the person
  • teaching the person alternative ways to get what they need
  • increasing the range of activities and interactions available to the person
  • changing the way we invite the person to be involved in activities
  • rethinking our interpretations of behaviour as intentional
  • getting better at picking up signs of anxiety.

Reactive strategies:

What we do to manage the behaviour when it happens to keep people safe and get things back to calm as soon as possible. 

This might include:

  • distraction
  • reducing expectations
  • the use of agreed interventions
  • reassurance.

What is the NDIS Positive Behaviour Support of?

There are three types of support budgets that can be funded through your NDIS plan. These are the Core Support, Capital Support, and Capacity Building Support budgets. Positive Behaviour Support is found in the Improved Relationships budget subcategory of Capacity Building Supports. What exactly does this mean? Capacity Building Supports, on the other hand, are primarily aimed at developing the patient’s skills in order to help them become more independent as they work towards their long-term goals. Improved Relationships can be included in the NDIS plan to help the patient develop positive behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and a strong support system.

Positive Behaviour Support is a plan designed to improve the lives of people whose challenging behaviours are caused by a cognitive or intellectual disability, is one program that addresses these goals. Under this framework, the support ensures that restrictive practices are only used when absolutely necessary to protect the patient from harm.

Through consultation with the patient, their caregivers, families, and other support systems, Positive Behaviour Support aims to identify the causes of a person’s challenging behaviours. Following this consultation, a document will be created to serve as a guide for the patient’s treatment plan. This will include evidence-based strategies for addressing the patient’s needs and improving their quality of life.
Positive Behaviour Support Perth

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