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NDIS Community Participation in Perth WA

Community Participation is a program to help you access the things in the community that are important to you, while at the same time equipping you with the skills you need to become more involved in your community.
We can help you to try new things and meet people in your local area.
We offer Community Participation in all areas where we provide services so you can do the things that are important to you and to assist you to further develop your skills wherever you may need them. We are here to support you with learning a new hobby, accessing your local gym or swimming to keep fit.
We assist you in socialising with your family and friends. We are always available to assist you with budgeting skills and accessing the community for your shopping needs. We can take you to your preferred café for coffee or tea, or any other leisure activity of your choice.

Social and Community Participation Assistance:

This funding is available to NDIS participants who need to reach their goals by participating in community, social, or recreational activities. These activities can be provided in a centre or in the community. The NDIS may also provide funds for a support worker to assist you with the following tasks as part of its support for social participation:

NDIS Household Tasks

Person-centered Community Participation Service in Perth, Western Australia

Humans are social creatures who yearn to participate in the world around them. Thus, Hillcrest Health makes sure that none of our participants are restricted in this area of life as a result of a disability. Through our NDIS core support services, we enable and encourage participants to get involved in a range of community activities. The disability community is inspired to actively participate in society’s various facets and to take on more positive roles by community involvement.

We understand the participants’ and their families’ goals and interests and assist them in exploring and participating in activities related to these areas, whether sports, arts, educational, or social. Participants can select the nature of these activities based on their comfort level, such as individual, group, or public. In addition to community activities, Hillcrest Health develops support to assist in the development of life skills. We recognise the importance of community participation in our participants’ mental and physical well-being; thus, we make certain that these activities are regular and consistent, rather than fleeting and infrequent occurrences.

As a registered NDIS Provider, Hillcrest Health’s primary concerns are the safety and comfort of our participants; thus, we collaborate closely with the organisers to ensure that the programmes are accessible and safe for the participants. Transportation services, as well as support workers to accompany them, are provided as needed.

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Areas We Serve for NDIS Household Tasks Support

We offer Household Tasks Support services in Perth Metropolitan Areas & WA. Areas we serve including: