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NDIS Respite – Short & Medium Term Accommodation Perth WA

Short and medium-term accommodation (STA and MTA) are temporary forms of accommodation to give you and your carers a break away from home or to provide a stop-gap while you look for permanent accommodation. Short and medium-term accommodation (STA and MTA) may be used to provide you with accommodation in emergency circumstances when you are unsure about your future home situation.
Support at home may be the answer for parents or family carers who need to go away to work, spend quality time with other family members, or simply have some time away to themselves. We’re able to offer respite care in your home for a set period of time to suit.

We can support people to get out and about in the community for a few hours, build new skills, make friends and try new activities while giving family members a break. Our dedicated Day Opportunity services offer activities for people with learning disabilities. Activities on offer differ between areas but could include anything from dancing to water-skiing, jewellery making to photography.  It’s worth noting that ‘day opportunities’ might take place during the day – or could be in the evening or at the weekend.

We can often support people to go on holiday with family or friends. This might be a few days camping in WA, a week or two abroad, or a special family visit. We even supported one person to visit her brother in Queensland! We also work with local organisations providing supported holidays to help people plan the right holiday for them and help ensure they have a great time.

Short-Term Accommodation & Respite Care in Perth

Hillcrest Health is one of the leading NDIS short-term accommodation providers in Perth, Western Australia. We take pride in providing a variety of adaptable and available short-term housing options and respite care throughout Perth. We recognise that a person’s need for short-term care may range from an unexpected incident to calling for a personal support person. We offer immediate respite and short-term housing options, including individual and group housing options, to meet the needs of an emergency situation.choices.

We can also assist you in getting access to allied health services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, and more if you have NDIS or private funding.

What is Respite Care and When Do You Need It?

The purpose of respite care is to give loved ones temporary care while the primary caregivers take a break. When you need to take a brief break from caring for your loved ones our trained NDIS support worker can fill in for you and provide continuous support to the person you care for.

If you are an elderly person receiving care from a family member or friend, respite care can help keep you safe and well while your loved one takes some time off to care for themselves.

Medium-term Accommodation

At Hillcrest Health, your safety and comfort during a tough time in your life are our top priorities. Being forced into temporary housing or respite care due to an unexpected injury or incident can be traumatising, so we make sure you have a variety of support options to choose from. We provide medium-term housing because it is possible that you will need to stay in supported housing a little longer than anticipated. This way, you can remain in our top-notch, cosy housing for as long as you need to, with a support worker on call and ready to assist you with anything you need.

Why Choose Hillcrest Health For Respite Care Perth?

Respite Care Perth

Personalised Respite Care Service

We understand how distressing it can be to find the assistance of another caregiver. Because of this, we place a strong emphasis on providing you high-quality services and care that is person-centered.
Whether you require residential care or assistance with daily tasks around the home, we will take the time to get to know you and how we can best support your life. The care services will be provided by our compassionate and knowledgeable staff of health professionals, and we will then work with you to establish a personalised plan that checks all the boxes.

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